This is our Poetry Wiki!

1) Quote about poetry from sheet in class / Personal statement about your poems (~200 word minimum, common themes and patterns in your work, specific features to look for, new techniques that you played with in your poems)

2) A memory poem (Indicate poetic strategy, condense, and no rhyming!)

3) A riff poem (Steal a line from a poet and make it a part of your own poem. Give credit to the poet whose line you used.)

4) An ode (honor an object, metaphor, creative & descriptive language, personification, surprising ending). Examples here, here, and here.

5) A found poem (at least 10 lines long, found phrases crafted into a poem).

6) "I was raised by..." poem. (Quotes, active verbs, repetition (slight changes), description)

7) Artwork that you created to accompany a poem

8) Audio recording of you reading a poem (this can be combined with #7)

9) Write a poem of your choosing (choose a specific technique to play with: imagery, metaphor, repetition, structure, capitalization, grammar...)

10) Detailed study of a poet (~300 word minimum) = Analysis of both form and content of poet of your choosing. Should examine the poet's work by providing insight into both individual lines and the poet's work overall. Focus on patterns, themes, and/or what is unique about voice or style. Must integrate quotes from poems for analysis and cite any sources)

11) Pimp your wiki! Make it nice and easy to read...