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Pablo Neruda is a poet. He spoke in Spanish and someone will translate it in English. He is well known as a poet who wrote about love. He was born on July 12, 1904 but died on September 23, 1973. He wrote in surrealist poems, historical epics, love poem and etc. After reading a couple of Pablo love poem, I realize that he don’t often repeat the same words over and over again. Pablo Neruda describe love in so many way, such as experiencing love, overpowering love and the obstacle of love.

In the poem “And because love battles,”
Quote- “And because love battles
not only in its burning agricultures
but also in the mouth of men and women”
He uses metaphors to describe how men and women both experience it. It’s not just one gender.

In the poem “Absence”
Quote- “My love,
We have found each other
Thirsty and we have
Drunk up all the water and the
We found each other
And we bit each other
As fire bites,
Leaving wounds in us.”

This explains the desire for love, also being hurt by love and overpowering it. He uses metaphor and imagery. I also realize that as a writer, every time it’s a new line, the first letter is always capitalize, showing his style.

Pablo Neruda writes his love poem in a very mysteries way, leading the reader into more of a depth. Which also explain the historical part of him. He also writes his poem basic on his own personal memories For an example, in the poem "If you forget me"

Quote- "Remember that on that day,
at that hour,
I shall lift my arms
and my roots will set off
to seek another land.”

Pablo style of writing switch basic on how he grew up and how his life changes throughout his life.

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