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Part One:
Quote about poetry from sheet in class
"Poetry is a speaking picture with this end to teach and delight" - Sir Philip Sydney

Part Two;
Create Memory poem
The first day of school
The first day of middle school I was happy
happy to be in a new space , happy to start over!
happy to come from baby land
The first day of middle school I was quiet yet eager
The first day of middle school fun yet scary
those kids were huge ! I was only 4'2
The first day of middle school were flirting with guys wasn't "eww or nasty"
it was apart of being middle schooler!
were bussin on people wasn't being mean or rude
were cursing out a teacher or classmate wasn't a time out
it was a suspension
The first day of middle school I remember it so well
The first day of middle school when I got my locker!
15 right 4 left and 2 right
boom it's open
The first day of middle school were girls had long weaves
I had a bun
The first day of middle school were I met my best friend Essence
she was short just like me surrounded by big ass kids too
we clicked automatically.
The first day of middle school were I met Abdul !
my crush my secret lover
he was MINE
The First day of middle school section 161
The first day of middle school ...

Part Three:
A riff poem (Steal a line from a poet and make it a part of your own poem.

Blood dripping from my back
drip drip drip
one of my "dogs" transformed into a snake?
you betrayed me I didn't know why
You spoke those words that emitted through your vocal cords like venom
a snake you were!
a snake you'll be
You may shoot me with your words,You may cut me with your eyes,You may kill me with your hatefulness.(Maya Angelou)
but i'm still here still strong!
your plan was to destroy me i'm sorry it failed
life goes on
time moves pass
tick tick tick tick
my back has healed
but the scares are still there.

Part four:
Create your own Ode.
Title: An Ode To My Phone.

You are my life , my joy ,my pain
without you my life would be incomplete
I have all the latest news
whether it's from Essence,Joy,Symone, Enthony,Eric
or even twitter or Espn
I use you as my clock,my alarm,my calculator
and my own personal photographer
you are my Ipod
you are my tv
you are my laptop
you are apart of me
I could never give you up
because you are so personal to me.
I love you so much siri.

Part five:
Create a found poem (lines you hear around you that will be in your poem at least 10 lines)
Dope is what I am
let me flip my 30 inch
i'm winning a grammy so ..
your just jealous
jealousy is the worst characteristic to have
haters are my motivators
get out my face
yall can kiss my ass
leave me alone
i'm winning a grammy so ...

Part six:
Create your own"I was raised by..." poem.
Life,struggle,pain, laughter
"Things are not going to come easily Ashley you have to work for it"
hard work deditcation
"school comes first"
I was raised by a single mother
"Do your best at everything you do!"
I was raised by good manners and being grateful
"say excuse me !"
I was raised by my mom
who is loving caring and supportive
I was raised by a mother struggling with 2 kids
a mother who didn't have much but her 2 kids
a mother who tried to give us everything we wanted
a mother who worked hard day in and day out
a mother who loved us ! even if we disobeyed her sometimes
I was raised by my mother ... not my father
where was he?
I dont know , he was somewhere fucking arounding with other bitches
I was raised by ... DARLENE M. SPELLS

Part seven :
Create a piece of artwork that goes along with one of your poem

Part eight:
Audio recording of you reading a poem (this can be combined with #7)

Part nine:
Poem of your choice.
My Love

Through the tears through the fights
through everything we still remain tight
This friendship will never end
i'm by you side through thick and through thin
friends like you are so hard to find
you are so loving and kind
I'm here for you that is true,
Cause I love you and that’s what
Best friends do.

Part ten:
Detailed study of a poet.
Maya Angelou is an American poet, actress,civili rights activist as well as an author. Maya was born april 4,1928.
She has published six autobiographies and lots of poems. Maya is best known for her series of autobiographies.
Maya has written great poems such as Phenomenal Women,Remembrance, I know why the cage birds sing
and my favorite still i rise. I personally love reading poems by Maya Angelou. Maya loves using figurative language in her poems.
For example in her Still I Rise poem she uses personification to describe a HATER or somebody who does not like her.
"You may shoot me with your words,You may cut me with your eyes,You may kill me with your hatefulness,But still, like air, I'll rise".
This is one of my favorite quotes from one of her poems. Maya really connects with her audience it's like she knows almost
like a psychic.She talks about real life things and things that are really going on in the world or in her life. Maya is always a strong black women and promotes positive things to girls and women. Maya wrote a poem called "Phenomenal women" which explains her being a strong and independent black women.She doesn't care what people think of her and thats why i like her as well. In "Phenomenal women" she says
"The span of my hips,The stride of my step,The curl of my lips. I'm a woman.Phenomenally.Phenomenal woman, That's me. She is explaining like she don't care if you don't like how she looks that's her and she is Phenomenal. Another thing that i noticed about Maya's Work is that she
uses a lot of repetition but uses it wisely like she knows where and when to use it she don't just add it anywhere. Over all this my detailed study
on my favorite poet MAYA ANGELOU.