1) Quote and Personal Statement
"Poetry is like making a joke. If you get one word wrong at the end of a joke, you've lost the whole thing." -William Stanley Merwin

In my poems I use a lot of strong emotions. I do this because I want to draw the reader in, and I want them to know exactly how I felt. It helps to use a lot of strong emotions because it makes the poems interesting, and when the person reading the poem is interested they will want to keep reading the poem and not stop the poem in the middle or even at the first line. I also used a lot of third person point of view. I did this because you can put yourself in the person’s shoes if it is in third person and it is also easier to understand if it is in third person. Also, in my “I Was Raised By...” poem, I used a lot of -ing verbs and a lot of repetitions. The theme I focused on most was family, because I had a lot of family issues when I was younger, and I still have some now. I hope you enjoy my poems.

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2) Memory Poem
Stuck in the Middle
My parents always fought infront of me
It seemed like they didn't care what their daughter saw.
They only worried about what they wanted,
And my mom and dad didn't notice how their daughter would be affected.
My parents wouldn't always be together
Sooner or later they would separate,
And leave their little girl in the middle of it.
Seeing my dad was rare.
But when he left it was even more rare,
He was either playing video games or on the computer
Not paying attention to his baby girl.
My father didn't care.
There were no good memories to be remembered when my father lived with me,
It was only bad memories that always ran through my head.
I knew my parents were never getting back together,
And my mom would be the one I always went to.
My parents didn't get along even when it came to me,
And it made everything worse than it already was,
Because my parents made it seem like they wanted me to pick who I wanted to be with.
My parents didn't think that it would affect me the way it did,
But they were wrong.

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3) Riff Poem
Anything can be turned into music,
It just depends how you look at life.
Music speaks to your soul,
And it can help with your emotions.
When you are happy you enjoy what you are listening to,
But you are sad you actually understand the lyrics.
We have fallen into a place where everything is music;
Because it's everywhere.
In your home, on the street, and in your school.
It doesn't matter your age,
It doesn't matter your gender.
All that matters is that music speaks to you
When no one else does.
When no one else is there for you,
Music will always be there to make you feel better.

"We have fallen into a place where everything is music." -Coleman Barks

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4) Ode Poem
Ode to my Phone

My mom bought me my phone.
It is very unpredictable
Like the weather,
It can be great when it wants to be,
But it can also be terrible.
My phone is white and long
It's smooth like water on a calm day.
My phone is very convenient
It can get you where you need to go,
And it saves all your numbers and special dates
This phone even reminds me when I need to do something.
I can text and call people even while I'm on the internet.

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5) Found Poem
You should change the way you come across to people,
Because right now it's not a good way.
You come across as a preppy little bitch,
Be the better person,
You can do it,
I believe in you.
Maybe you should grow up,
And actually show respect to people.
It will show you care,
People will respect you,
Even more than they do now.

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6) I was raised by... Poem
I Was Raised by Hatred

I was raised by
People yelling
Throwing fists
So bad it makes you want to cry and not go back home.
"I hate you! Why don't you just leave?"
Kind of Hatred.

Two parents
Hating each other
Slamming, Yelling, Throwing.
Pissed parents parting ways.
Running up the stairs to my room,
"Stop fighting all the time I hate it!"
Sort of Hatred.

One child
Alone in the world
And feeling like she is living in World War 3.
"They don't love me if they are fighting like this in front of me."
Kind of Loneliness.

One parent
Taking care of her baby alone
Panicking, Caring more, and Paying more Attention.
"I love you, Bailey, but we are on our own now and your father is leaving."
Kind of Alone

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9) Poem of my Choosing
Haiku About Flowers
They bloom in the spring,
Lots of different colors
Pink, purple, yellow.