Brian Birkmire

My poems don’t have a specific form or style to them. They actually are plain and simple, the way I like them. I don’t write poetry, and when I try to it usually isn’t good. If I really try I can make a somewhat good poem. My poems are just, in ways my opinions and feelings about my topic. For example, my Riff Poem, is my actual opinion on God. I guess, sometimes I’m scared to express my feeling because I worry people will judge me and my opinions, so through poetry I can express them without being judged...mainly because I’m not alone with these feelings and opinions. Some techniques I used, well were probably just having some similies and metaphors. I enjoy using them because I feel they inhance the writing and poetry. When you can compare something with another thing well it bring out the feelings and emotions more, so I try to use them.

"Poetry is the doorway to the soul." - Floria

That Day
It was a cold afternoon.
The soft snow floating from the heavens,
Landing upon it's own.
I had to be about 8.
It was a regular winter day,
Up until we began sledding.
My brother, father, and I together,
Snow tubes and snow sleds ,
Today was a good day.
At devils hill we raced,
Going faster then the snow fall,
The stinging of our faces,
Warmed by the smiles and laughter we had.
"Bri I'm going down on the snow tube."
I remember thinking,
Dad you're too big.
He wasn't thinking,
He sat upon the tube.
His smile and thumb up,
Let me know he'll be okay,
I was wrong.
He went down,
The cliff came closer,
"Dad bail!"
Off the cliff he went,
While I screamed in terror.

Riff Poem:
"There is an indefinable mysterious Power that pervades everything.
I feel It, though I do not see It."
That power, that power
Uncontrollable but yet so focused.
Running through the veins of all His children,
Each given their own form,
A gift given by Him.
Mankind has lost faith,
But his faith in Mankind remains.
That power, the energy,
Is love.
I feel it, you feel it, we all feel it.
"It is this unseen Power which makes Itself felt and yet defies all proof,
because It is so unlike all that I perceive through my senses."
Quotes from: The Meaning of God - Mahatma Gandhi

Feedback from Sieanna:
+ Awesome quote!
+ Reasonable repetition
+ Very good structure
? Could you write more to add some of your own opinions?
? What does the power pervade?
? Try adding some/all of the five senses to the power--what exactly is it? Who is it? What does it do?

Ode to Music.
Thank you for being my peacekeeper,
I’ll keep pieces of you
Lyrics deeply imprinted in my thoughts
waiting for the time
They can ride my tongue
and come out of my voice box
with every breath.
Beats and rhythms to match my heart
my heart beats to you.
From the bass to the acoustics,
you strum my veins
like guitar strings.
You live inside of me,
when you are heard from the outside,
you scratch and claw at my skin.
Sound waves surf my ears
like surfers surfing waves
I won't ever bale, I won't ever fall,
I will stay on this soundboard,
making beats and rhythms to,
keep my body bumping
to that beat.

Found Poem:

"Us as rappers under estimate the power and affects that we have on these kids."
"Tryin' to escape the skin that barely fit him."
"if I was gay I'd think hip-hop hates me."
"No child left behind that's the American Scheme."
"Oh no here we go, America the brave still fears what we don't know."
"I think it would be good for you Bri."
"I'm proud of you."
"I love you budd."
"Adventure Time little bro?"
"You're mine forever."

I Was Raised By Loyalty.
I was raised by loyalty,
just like my father.
Raised to tell the truth,
even when you needed to lie.
Raised to be there for someone,
even if that person wasn’t there for me.
My father taught me,
“Cheating is always wrong.”
I was raised to be loyal,

in school,

in relationships,

in friendships,

Wherever and with whomever,
loyalty was with ME.
I was raised to fight,
physically and emotionally.
For whom or whatever it was,
I was raised to be loyal to it.
I was raised to take nothing from others,
And I’ll forever,
Be loyal to my promises.

Langston Hughes was an American poet raised by his grandmother until the age of 13. He was more than just a poet, he was also a social activist, novelist, playwright, and columnist. His parents divorced when he was young. He later lived with his mother and her new husband after being with his grandmother for most of his childhood. Langston Hughes attended Columbia University for only a year. Then is when he began writing poetry. For a while Langston held odd jobs including; seamen, busboy, and an assistant cook. Later from going to Africa he returned to Washington DC where his first book The Weary Blues was published. He then finished his college education three years later at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania.

Langston’s form of poetry, is a different style for most other African American poets. Although Langston was a huge part in the Harlem Renaissance, his poetry didn’t have relation to his own personal experiences and those of Black America in his writing. Instead, he portrayed peoples stories and their culture by using their suffering through life, their love for music, laughter, and through their language itself. Langston’s main influence in his writing is claimed to come from; Paul Lawrence Dunbar, Carl Sandburg, and Walt Whitman. Langston Hughes also had a big role in the music genre, Jazz. It was also big in his writing. Jazz could be noticed all throughout his writing.


I’m all alone in this world, she said,

Ain’t got nobody to share my bed,

Ain’t got nobody to hold my hand—

The truth of the matter’s

I ain’t got no man.

Big Boy opened his mouth and said,

Trouble with you is

You ain’t got no head!

If you had a head and used your mind

You could have me with you

All the time.

She answered, Babe, what must I do?

He said, Share your bed—

And your money, too.

- Langston Hughes


Bad Morning

Here I sit

With my shoes mismated.


I's frustrated!

- Langston Hughes


Big Boy came

Carrying a mermaid

On his shoulders

And the mermaid

Had her tail


Beneath his arm.

Being a fisher boy,

He’d found a fish

To carry—

Half fish,

Half girl

To marry.

- Langston Hughes