"Poetry is above all a concentration of the power of language, which is the power of our ultimate relationship to everything in the universe."

-Adrienne Rich

So I'm Emily and this is my poetry wiki thing! I used to write a lot of poetry when i was younger, but as i got older my affinity for writing began to shrink.I really enjoyed this unit though, and i've found out a lot about myself in the process. I incorporate a lot of repetition in my poems, as you can see below.

Memory Poem

Daddy's hands

little pale hands clasped around two calloused, tan fingers.
"c'mon em, let go."

the pre school stood before me
a church with booming bells and creaky stairs.

"c'mon em, let go."

i looked up at him

a king in my eyes. the prince in every story, the hero of every tale.

don't leave me

prying my hands away from his, he hands me off to the pre school teacher

"C'mon em, let's go!"

Riff Poem (First line is stolen)

Music is everything
it's the heartbeat of the city,
its the heavy breathing of the forrest
it is everything,
and it can be nothing
the most beautiful music i have heard
is the complete silence in the subway right after a train has passed.


an ode to daisy
the dog who thinks shes a cat
fox like ears, and big brown eyes

a heater on a winters night,
her cold nose,
a cooling nudge on a hot day

never barks, never bites
our very own vacum cleaner,
she even eats dust

her paws are big,
she doesn't realize her own strength

sometimes her hugs
turn into a giant scratch on your cheek
she doesn't mean it.
she's daisy.

Found Poem

I thought you said you had my umbrella
if you dont get on this bus right now i will kill you, boy
she just doesn't get me, you know???
I think that ho stole my trans-pass
the vet said my cat might have leukemia, but it was really just an eye infection
emily, your mother just verbally punched me
f* spring break fever, ive got spring break swine flu, man
do you have any idea what you're going to do with your life?
does this b** not know who she is talking to???
i just want to sleep, okay?

I was raised by poem

I was raised by
barney and telletubies
fuzzy large animals
taught me what i know
be nice to your neighbor,
clean up your mess

I was raised by the old box tv
which only worked,
if you twisted the antena just so
there were only a few channels
i was raised by
avoiding the bible kids cartoon channel
and crossing my fingers
hoping dragon tales would be on
i was raised by the shows that taught me what i know

Art work


Poem of your choosing

“yes, i self medicate”
why are you afraid to say the words?
they cant burn your throat more than the whiskey does
“yes, i self medicate”
self medicating is putting a bandaid on a blister,
or putting antibiotic on a scrape.
i still can’t believe this is you.
you always say mom isn’t the same woman as the woman you married
would she say the same
about you?
“yes, i self medicate”
i’d ask her,
but she melts into a puddle of tears
at any description
of your addiction
“yes, i self medicate”
i want you to understand
that you need help
or you at least
need to try.
i want you to understand so much it gives me headaches
“i’m getting help, why can’t you?”
you make me wonder if your sickness even has a cure
“yes, i self medicate”
what’s the point of medication,
if it only makes you worse?