1. "Poetry is the doorway to the soul." - Floria
I use a different patterns in esch of my poems. For example, I always use a lot of anger and emotion in my poems. There was a quote that I said that was, "Trust that people aren't talking about you behind your back." At this point I showed anger. I put a little of my life into these poems. Not only are they emotional and true but I also use capitalization and personification. These types of writing come easy to me and very helpful too. I use capitalization to show where to stop and have a second of breathe. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" This quote was said in my poem Happy Birthday, Blood. After this stanza the next only says ring. I choose to do it this way because it gives the poem more suspense which is also more interesting. I use personification when I don't know how to come out and say what I want to some I use other objects to do it for me. I use personification in my Ode to My Heart poem because I couldn't really explain how my heart works when it come to love. "My heart is like a like a lock door A steel lock door that you would need the perfect skeleton key to get in It's cold and unbreakable" this is how i summed it up. In conclusion, the patterns I used in my poem is very unique and makes it easier to understand them.

Happy Birthday, Blood

The connection of my fist to her face
The connection of her fist to my face
The conflict of our knuckles with our features on our face was creating a huge storm of anger in the room that suppose to contant nothing but peaceful air
Where is the blood coming from?

The band played the quiet music that boosted my anger until...
Someone messed up
The drummer hit the drums to many times and now
The drums pour out the sounds of blood

Riff Poem:

Everything is music
The way I walk
You can hear the beats of my sol when it hits the hard concrete ground
It shows gladness for every dance move it do
For the times it don't stumble
For the times it dance proper without ripping up it's clothes
It's music

The way I talk
The rhythm that's unmissable when my mouth sing the song of words
The pink, small yet always wet head singer is
The tongue
This helps the music breath and stay together
It give music the air
Let's create music

Ode Poem:
Ode to My Heart

I was born with my Heart
Full of feelings, people and more
I didn't have a choice of which heart I wanted, I just got it
The rhythm of the beats came with it
Their like a cheetah when I'm anger and tired
But it's serene when I'm not on earth and it's dark
It's serene when the poses of Y O G A helps me clear my mind of every negative or stressful thoughts I have

My heart is like a like a lock door
A steel lock door that you would need the perfect skeleton key to get in
It's cold and unbreakable
Other random hearts think they have the perfectly fitting key
That's when they're wrong
Some people do have the key that opens it
But the door will lock again in 1 - 3 months

And when that person do come around with the perfect key
The heart becomes fragile
The lover's heart have to carry my heart with great ease and diligent
Because without that, my heart will break and take 3 months to get put back together
The reason this happens is because I thought you was my ventricles
I thought I couldn't live without you
But I was wrong

The special thing about my heart is
No matter how many times it breaks
It will always come back to new
And I can just start all over
So for that
I say
Thank you!

Found Poem:
A Woman

Fuck I look like
I'm sorry
Bad girls
The best way to predict your future is to create it
Good looks is a blessing never use it to show off on less fortunate
Be what a women is meant to be
I don't wanna believe they all is like this
Your body
Is not for the man that stares at your ass
You don't wanna be here

I Was Raised By Poem:
I Was Raised By...

I was raised by
Kirk Franklin
Mary Mary
and Yolanda Adams

I was raised by
"I got, I got the victory"
"Go get, go get, go get your blessing"
and "I smile, even though it hurts see I smile"

I was raised by
Hallelujah coming out of the mouth of old black women
The songs of the church that changes the beat whenever it feels like it
The pastor yelling and screaming while preaching "the word"

I was raised by
Separated Parents
The constant travel between my mom and dad house
The remembrance that from Monday through Thursday I'm with my dad
and Friday through Sunday I'm with my mom

I was raised by
Knowing my mom chocolate smelling house made me feel as though there is nowhere else I should be
Knowing my dad have anger problems but he love me
Not really having a stable home

I was raised by
Here and there I've seen the same brown colored coffin
The same tears
The same tissues
and I heard the same crying and screaming

I was raised on

7 & 8.

Impossible Is Possible from Jules James on Vimeo.

Imagine that today is your last day alive
That someone will die every time you sin
That it's easier to live in a poor country than it is to live in a wealthy country
Imagine that you have no worries

Believe you can trust everyone without no doubt
You can lose a lot of weight in 1 day with just drinking water and eating two meals
You are smart even though your GPA is 2.0
Believe that you live a perfect life

Trust that people aren't talking about you behind your back
That you could spend money on people who don't like you just to get them to like you.
That you can do anything you want even though your 20 years old in the 9th grade
Trust that you have friends

That the impossible is possible.

The poet Amiri Baraka is the most down to earth poet I ever heard. Amiri Baraka is a 78 year old man that was born in Newark, New Jersey. This poet wrote a lot of good poets that get people thinking about mostly the black cultural. Baraka was influenced by Richard Wright and Malcolm X and he also influenced John S. Hall, who is also a great poet from Brooklyn, New York. Something that I saw form that constantly stand out in his poems were the race. In “Wise I,” the poem is about being somewhere where you can’t basically be yourself because “they ban your own boom ba boom.” In the poems creating by Baraka he uses the word “people” very frequently but the definition is constantly different.
As I mentioned before, Baraka was influenced by Malcolm X and I think this influenced one of his poems. In "Notes For A Speech" there was a great connect with the segregation and race. There was a quote that he said "My color is not theirs. Lighter, white man talk. They shy away. My own dead souls, my, so called people. Africa." This quote was very standing out because he changes the color of his audience mentioning his people, Africans and the people that is not like him, lighter people. But he also use segregation with the race. For example, "lost and surrounded byt enemies who won't let you speak in your own language' this quote is from his poem called Wise I. I see Baraka talking about the segregation that was put on black people from the white people black in the day. He says how they prevent the black people from speaking their language and being free. In conclusion, Amiri Baraka showed how the people that he said influenced him is connected to him poems. He don't come straight what he is trying to say but at the end he makes sure he gets his point across.